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Crown Valley Divers are back in Laguna Niguel Pool!

I am inspired and awed by what we have been able to accomplish over the past 8 months while adjusting to new locations, schedule changes, inclement weather, etc. This is a team with a great deal of talent, heart and desire that will not let any obstacles stand in it’s way to achieve and progress. This is not a complete list but it is an impressive one. Many of these dives are the first time that these divers have ever performed these dives. I love that this team pulls together and supports and encourages each other. Crown Valley Divers are comprised of caring and loving people that have the talent, conviction, commitment and patience to strive to do their best and to gently push and pull their team mates to do the same.

Crown Valley Divers Headed to West Nationals

Crown Valley Divers hosted the USA Diving Spring Region 9 Championships on March 16-17, 2013.  Region 9 was the largest attended region in the United States bringing 267 divers from Central and Southern California, Arizona, and Nevada to Laguna Niguel.  The athletes competed for the top 6 coveted spots in their respective age group that would advance them to USA Diving West National Championships in San Antonio, Texas on April 12-14, 2013.  The competition was difficult, over 60 girls competed in the 16-18 age group one meter event.

The USA Diving West National Championships will have the top 30 divers in each age group west of the Mississippi river. Crown Valley Divers have 10 divers traveling to San Antonio this week to compete: Charlotte Bowen, Caitlyn Casper, Jaclynn Fowler, and Rhiannon Yanda 12-13 girls.  Kaelyn Casazza 14-15 Girls. Caleb Dixon and Jake Greenberg 14-15 Boys. Ally Caplan and Makena Chamoures 16-18 Girls. Adam Gross 16-18 Boys. Head Coach Curt Wilson and Coach Dave Mickle will be traveling to Texas to lead the CVD team in this prestigious competition.