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Crown Valley Divers are back in Laguna Niguel Pool!

I am inspired and awed by what we have been able to accomplish over the past 8 months while adjusting to new locations, schedule changes, inclement weather, etc. This is a team with a great deal of talent, heart and desire that will not let any obstacles stand in it’s way to achieve and progress. This is not a complete list but it is an impressive one. Many of these dives are the first time that these divers have ever performed these dives. I love that this team pulls together and supports and encourages each other. Crown Valley Divers are comprised of caring and loving people that have the talent, conviction, commitment and patience to strive to do their best and to gently push and pull their team mates to do the same.

Special thanks to Crown Valley  Coaches Dave Mickle and Rafaella Suarez for helping to make this happen.Saddleback Coach of the Year 2

Crown Valley Divers Win AAU National Diving Championships Second Year In A Row



CVD Divers and Coaches receiving our National Champions Banner

CVD Divers and Coaches receiving the National Champions Banner

Crown Valley Divers of Laguna Niguel, California traveled to Georgia Tech University in Atlanta, Georgia last month for the AAU National Diving Championships 2014. CVD had 29 Divers compete against 59 teams from across the United States. CVD had 20 Divers place in the top 12 in their respective event, and 3 Nationals Champions: Joey Winkler, 16 year olds 3 meter. Jaclynn Fowler, 14 year olds 1 meter. Kaia Bray, 9 & Under 1 meter. This was the second year in a row Crown Valley Divers won the AAU National Championship. They also won the Men’s division and the Women’s division.

CVD Shines at West Nationals


Ally Caplan, of the Crown Valley Divers in Laguna Niguel, wins double gold at the 2014 USA Diving Junior West Nationals held at The Riverside Aquatic Complex this past weekend, April 25-27. In probably the toughest age group, the 16-18 age group, where the majority of the contestants are less than a year away from representing the NCAA Division 1 University or College of their choice, Ally put in a tremendous performance of consistency and grace to top the field in both the one and the three meter springboard events. In a contest of over 30 divers per event representing over 33 teams from across the United States from as far East as Indiana. Ally has received an athletic scholarship for her diving and will be attending San Diego State University next year along with four of her graduating team mates from the Crown Valley Divers.
In the 14-15 Boys division, Jake Greenberg, placed 2nd in the 3 meter contest and 3rd in the 1 meter. By finishing in the top 3 spots in their respective age groups, both Jake Greenberg and Ally Caplan have qualified for the USA Diving Junior National Diving Championships which will be held in knoxville Tennessee in July later this year.
In the Team standings, Crown Valley Divers finished 2nd place in the girls division and 5th place overall in the combined men’s and women’s team points in this deep field of talented teams from across the country. Also contributing to this impressive team placement are Madeline Wiese finishing 4th on 3 meter and 7th on 1m meter in the 14-15 girls division, Charlotte Bowen, diving in the 12-13 age group, captured 4th place on 1 meter and 8th place on 3 meter, and Olivia Paquette, diving in the 11 and Under age group, finishing 6th place on 3 meter and 8th place on 1 meter.

Results for the Crown Valley Divers at the USA Diving Junior West National Championships:

16-18 Girls 1 meter performing 10 dives
Ally Caplan from Mission Viejo 1st place 431.10

16-18 Girls 3 meter performing 10 dives
Ally Caplan 1st place 458.60

14-15 Boys 1 meter performing 9 dives
Jake Greenberg from Laguna Niguel 2nd place 344.10

14-15 Boys 3 meter performing 9 dives
Jake Greenberg 3rd place 393.05

14-15 Girls 1 meter performing 8 dives
Madeline Wiese from Laguna Niguel 7th place 283.25
Kaelyn Casazza from Laguna Niguel 13th place 269.50
Heather Yoshii from Mission Viejo 20th place 254.85

14-15 Girls 3 meter performing 8 dives
Madeline Wiese 4th place 320.55
Jaclynn Fowler from Laguna Niguel 25th place 258.35
Kaelyn Casazza 26th place 255.65

12-13 Girls 1 meter performing 7 dives
Charlotte Bowen from Dana Point 4th place 250.65
Kaitlin LaBella from Laguna Niguel 13th place 218.35
Erin young from Dana Point 22nd place 196.35

12-13 Girls 3 meter performing 7 dives
Charlotte Bowen 8th place 236.10
Kaitlin LaBella 19th place 220.80
Erin young 26th place 200.20

12-13 Boys 1 meter performing 8 dives
Alexander Besanceney -Laguna Niguel 18 place 215.50

12-13 Boys 3 meter performing 8 dives
Nathan Pellinifrom Dana Point 20th place 211.55

11 & Under Girls 1 meter performing 6 dives
Olivia Paquette from Laguna Niguel 8th place 171.20 
Krystia Mischel from Aliso Viejo 14th place 148.70

11 & Under Girls 3 meter performing 6 dives
Olivia Paquette 6th place 187.15
Krystia Mischel 20th place 157.60

16-18 Boys 1 meter performing 11 dives
Caleb Dixon from San Clemente 20th place 386.25

16-18 Boys 3 meter performing 11 dives
Caleb Dixon 18th place 438.50
Christopher LaBella from Laguna Niguel 24th place 404.70
Joseph Winkler from Lake Forest 26th place 383.25

17 Crown Valley Divers Headed To USA Diving West Nationals

Crown Valley Divers had 41 divers travel last month to either Mesa, AZ or Elvaston, IL to compete in the regional competition with hope of qualifying for USA Diving West Nationals.  There were many standout performances like Jake Greenberg and Madeline Wiese winning regional titles, and Ally Caplan and Olivia Paquette picking up some silver medals.  Overall as a team CVD placed 2nd in Region 5 in Illinois and 4th in Region 9 in Arizona.

Crown Valley Divers had 19 divers qualify and 17 are moving forward to the USA Diving West Nationals next month, April 25-27 in Riverside, CA. 11 and under: Krystia Mischel and Olivia Paquette. 12-13 Alex Besanceney, Charlotte Bowen, Katie LaBella, Nate Pellini, Erin Young. 14-15 Kaelyn Casazza, Jaclynn Fowler, Jake Greenberg, Madeline Wiese, Heather Yoshii. 16-18 Ally Caplan, Caleb Dixon,  Chris LaBella, Lauren Pierce, Joey Winkler.